Timeout after which a progress dialog appears (in ms):

Practically all CVS commands started in a sandbox which belongs to a remote repository need a connection to the CVS server. This is affected by delays from the network connection or a high load on the server. For this reason, for commands like ViewDifference to Repository... Cervisia opens a dialog which indicates that the command is still running and which allows you to abort it. Furthermore, this dialog is used to show you error messages from CVS. As this dialog may become annoying after some time, it is shown only after a certain timeout which is 4 seconds by default. Here you can change this value.

Default compression level:

The cvs client compresses files and patches when they are transferred over a network. With the command line option -z, the compression level can be set. You can setup Cervisia to use this option by configuring the level here. The value set here is used only as a default; additionally there is a per-repository setting available in RepositoryRepositories....

Utilize a running or start a new ssh-agent process

Check this box if you use ext (rsh) repositories, the ssh remote shell to communicate with the repository and ssh-agent to manage your keys.