Saving your Work

Calligra Sheets saves the complete document, which may include more than one worksheet, as a single document file.

If you have created a new document, or want to save an existing one under a different name, use File Save As.... This will bring up KDE's common Save Document As dialog box. Choose the folder where you want to save the document and enter a suitable file name into the Name text box. Calligra Sheets documents are normally automatically saved with a .ods extension, you do not need to add this to the filename but do make sure that the Filter selection is set to OpenDocument SpreadSheet.

To save your document without changing its name, just use FileSave.

You can also save a Calligra Sheets document in a foreign format selecting the format from the Filter: combo box.

When you save a modified version of an existing document Calligra Sheets will keep the previous version as a backup file, adding a ~ to the end of the filename.

Calligra Sheets can provide some protection against losing your work because of a computer crash or because you have closed Calligra Sheets without saving the current document. It does this by automatically saving the latest version of the document you are working on every few minutes using a modified file name. The autosaved version is normally removed when you next save your document, so that it will only exist if it is more up to date than the version that was saved manually. When you open a document Calligra Sheets checks to see if an autosaved version exists, and if it finds one it will offer to open that instead.

Autosaved documents are saved with a file name of the form .yourfilename.autosave (note the leading period), so that spread1.ods would be autosaved as .spread1.ods.autosave. The autosave feature is user configurable in the settings dialog.


If you are going to be creating a lot of similar documents you can save yourself time and trouble by first creating a template and then using that as the basis for the individual documents.

To do this first create a document containing the common elements, then save it as a template by choosing FileCreate Template From Document. Doing this opens the Create Template dialog box. Enter a name for your new template into the Name: text box and press OK. The next time you start a new document by choosing FileNew or when you next start Calligra Sheets the startup dialog window will give you the option of creating the new document from your template.

The Create Template dialog box also lets you choose a different picture to be displayed above the template name in the startup dialog window, and lets you save your templates under different group names, which will appear as different pages in the dialog.

Templates are stored as .kst files under ~/.kde/share/apps/tables/templates/.