Printing a Spreadsheet

Printing a spreadsheet is basically done by selecting FilePrint... which brings up KDE's common Print dialog box where you can choose, among other options, the printer to be used, the number of copies and whether all or only selected pages are to be printed.

By default Calligra Sheets will print all items in the current worksheet, but you can restrict this by first selecting the area that you want to be printed then choosing Define Print Range from the FormatPrint Range sub menu.

Calligra Sheets will print as many pages as are necessary to include all items in the current worksheet. You can quickly see how a worksheet will be split into separate pages for printing by checking the ViewPage Borders box. The boundaries of each printed page will then be marked by colored lines in the worksheet.

For a more detailed view of what is to be sent to the printer, including anything you have asked to be included in the page headers and footers (see below), choose FilePrint Preview....

To improve the appearance of the printed output , you can change the fonts, colors, borders and sizes of the cells in the worksheet, see the Spreadsheet Formatting section for more details about how to do this.

You can also use the Page Layout dialog box, invoked by selecting FormatPage Layout..., to change the orientation of the printed pages, the paper size (this should be suitable for your printer) and the size of the page borders.

The Sheet provides more options. The Print settings section lets you select whether or not to print the grid, comment indicators and formula indicators, objects and charts. The Repetitions on each page section allows you to repeat selected column(s) or row(s) on each printed page. In the section Scaling you can set a scalefactor or the page limits for the print.