The Edit Menu

EditUndo (Ctrl+Z)

Undo the last action.

EditRedo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)

Redo the last undone action.

EditCut (Ctrl+X)

Put selected item(s) into the clipboard and remove them from the original location. If you then do a Paste the item(s) will be inserted at the new location.

EditCopy (Ctrl+C)

Copy selected item(s) to the clipboard.

EditPaste (Ctrl+V)

Paste item(s) from the clipboard to the selected cell(s).

EditSpecial Paste...

Special forms of Paste. See the sections Other Paste Modes and Arithmetic using Special Paste for more details.

EditPaste with Insertion

Move content of the paste area either to the right or down and paste item(s) from the clipboard to the selected cell(s).


Fills up the selected area with the values from the first item-set. All four directions are supported. Note that the term "item-set" describes the first set of values seen in the fill direction. If the fill direction is Left then the first item-set is the last column of the selection.

EditFind... (Ctrl+F)

Find cell containing given text.

EditFind Next (F3)

Find the next cell containing given text.

EditFind Previous (Shift+F3)

Find the previous cell containing given text.

EditReplace... (Ctrl+R)

Find and replace given text in cell(s).


Clear All or Contents, Comment, Conditional Styles, Link or Validity from selected cell(s).


Delete Cells, Columns, Rows or Sheet.

EditModify Cell (F2)

To modify selected cell in-situ.