Arithmetic using Special Paste

Sometimes you may want to add a single value to a number of cells, or subtract a value from them, or multiply or divide them all by a single value. The Special Paste... option lets you do this quickly and easily.

First, enter the modifier value into any spare cell on your spreadsheet and Copy it. Then select the area of cells you want to change, choose Special Paste... from the Edit or the context menu and select Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division from the Operation section of the dialog box.

You can also apply different modifier values to different rows or columns of the target area by copying an area containing the wanted modifiers before selecting the target area and doing Special Paste... For example, if you enter 5 into cell A1, 10 into B1, select both cells and do a Copy then Special Paste... Addition into cells A10 to D15, 5 will be added to A10:A15 and C10:C15, and 10 to B10:B15 and D10:D15.

Note that a modifier value can be a formula as well as a simple numeric value. If it is a formula then Calligra Sheets will adjust the cell references as for a normal Paste operation.