The System Settings Screen

When you start System Settings, you are presented with a window, which is divided into two functional parts.

Across the top is a toolbar. The toolbar provides the user with the ability to go back into the main view from within a module using All Settings. You can also find a Help menu as well as a Configure button which provides you a dialog with alternate view settings.

To search for something within all of the modules, start to type keywords into the search field at the right of the toolbar in the All Settings view. When you start typing, a list of matching topics will popup. Select one and only the groups with settings for this keyword are enabled, the other are greyed out.

When the icon window has the focus, you can type the first letter of any module or module group name to select it. Typing this letter again the selection moves to the next match.

Underneath the toolbar is an icon view of the individual modules or module groups that make up System Settings grouped by different categories. By default, if your mouse stays a few seconds over an icon, a tooltip appears, either explaining the purpose of the module or showing the modules in this group.