System Settings Categories and Modules

A brief overview of all categories and their modules:

  • Global Theme

  • Plasma Style

  • Application Style (Application Style, Window Decorations)

  • Colors

  • Font (Fonts, Font Management)

  • Icons

  • Cursors

  • Workspace Behavior (General Behavior, Desktop Effects, Screen Edges, Touch Screen, Screen Locking, Virtual Desktops, Activities)

  • Window Management (Window Behavior, Task Switcher, KWin Scripts, Window Rules)

  • Shortcuts (Shortcuts, Custom Shortcuts)

  • Startup and Shutdown (Login Screen (SDDM), Autostart, Background Services, Desktop Session, Splash Screen)

  • Search (File Search, Krunner, Web Search Keywords)

  • Notifications

  • Users

  • Regional Settings (Language, Formats, Spell Check, Date & Time)

  • Accessibility

  • Applications (Default Applications, File Associations, Locations, Launch Feedback)

  • KDE Wallet

  • Online Accounts

  • User Feedback

  • Settings (Proxy, Connection Preferences, SSL Preferences, Cache, Cookies, Browser Identification, Windows Shares)

  • Input Devices (Keyboard, Mouse, Game Controller, Graphic Tablet, Touchpad)

  • Display and Monitor (Display Configuration, Compositor, Gamma, Night Color)

  • Audio

  • Multimedia (Audio CDs, CDDB Retrieval)

  • Power Management (Energy Saving, Activity Settings, Advanced Settings)

  • Bluetooth

  • Removable Storage (Device Actions, Digital Camera, Removable Devices)

System Administration
  • System Information


Use the search field at the top right in All Settings view to find all matching modules for a given keyword. Start typing a keyword opens a list of keywords and only the matching modules are enabled.