Spell Checker

Lauri Watts

Revision Plasma 5.20 (2021-04-08)

Spell Checker

The configuration options available here are used as default by all KDE applications that use Sonnet, which is a frontend to various free spell checkers.

To use Sonnet you need to install spell checkers like e.g. GNU Aspell, Hspell or Hunspell and additionally the corresponding dictionaries for your language.

The configuration options selected here can be overridden by each application.

In the drop down box Default language choose from the available dictionaries, which one to use for Sonnet.


Enable autodetection of language

This feature is based on several heuristics (script used, trigram matching and language ranking on available languages in the spell-checking backend). This allows it to automatically switch language in a multi-language document.

Automatic spell checking enabled by default

If a mark is placed in this checkbox, the spelling of words will be check in your document as you type them. Misspelled will have a red line drawn under them.

Skip all uppercase words

If a mark is placed in this checkbox, the spelling of any word which consists of all capital letters will not be checked.


This is useful for document using a large number of acronyms. If this box is left unchecked, most of those acronyms will be incorrectly marked. By placing a mark in this checkbox, the acronyms will not be marked as misspelled.

Skip run-together words

If this box is not checked, then words that appear in the dictionary separately, but have been run together, are considered to be spelling errors. Examples of such words are shutout, cannot, and blackout.


Checking this box will help prevent applications from flagging website and email addresses for spelling errors. These addresses often contain words run together.

Ignored words

The bottom half of the dialog box allows you to designate specific words (they may be specialized terminology, proper names, etc.) which should be ignored by the spelling program.

Adding a word to the ignore list

To add a word, type the word in the text box and click the Add button.

Deleting a word from the ignore list

To remove a word, select the word in the listbox containing all the currently ignored words by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Now click the Remove button.

When you are happy with the changes, simply click Apply.

Clicking on the Defaults button restores all values to their default values.