Yuri Chornoivan

Revision Plasma 5.20 (2021-04-12)

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This module allows configuring activities. Activities are a way to have multiple Plasma™ setups, with each a different set of widgets and themes. Some activities can be private. Such activities do not track your actions. For example, they do not track what recent document you opened.

The module is divided into three tabs: Activities, Switching, and Privacy.


This tab lists your current activities. Hover items in the list with the mouse pointer to reveal the buttons to configure or remove activities.

Use the overlay button to configure activity. You can change the following activity parameters:


The icon of activity can be seen on the activity manager selector of the Plasma™ panel. Click on the current icon to choose some system-wide icon or browse the file system to select a custom icon.


Give your activity a recognizable name.


A free-form description of the activity that is shown below the name on the activity manager selector of the Plasma™ panel.


Check the Do not track usage for this activity item to switch off any tracking for your activity.

Shortcut for switching

Press the first button to input the new shortcut to switch to the activity. Press the second button to remove the current shortcut.

Clicking on the button removes the activity.

Clicking on the Create New... button below the list opens Create a New Activity dialog which is similar to the activity configuration dialog described above.


Here, you can configure if Plasma™ should remember the Current virtual desktop for each activity (needs restart). It is also possible to configure shortcuts for walking through the list of activities.

For more information on how to use the KDE shortcut system, see the Using and Customizing Shortcuts section of the KDE Fundamentals documentation.


This tab allows configuring the time for activities to Keep history and clean some tracking data. Use the Clear History drop-down button to make PlasmaForget the last hour, Forget the last two hours, Forget a day, or Forget everything.

Below, you can configure the range of applications for memorizing opened documents in your activities. Use the For all applications item to store all data, the Do not remember item to switch off storing data, or Only for specific applications item for fine-grained selection (clicking on the application item toggles its current mode).

Check the Blacklist applications not on the list item to switch off tracking for all applications that are not on the list.