Game Controller

Michael Anderson

Revision Plasma 5.3 (2015-04-09)

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Calibrate Game Controller

Calibrate Game Controller

This module provides an interface to calibrate your game controller as well as see which functions on your game controller are mapped to which logical button or axis.

The game controller module


Here you can see the logical location of the device. If you have more than one game controller, you can also select which one to configure.

If no game controller is automatically found on your computer and you know that there is one attached, you can enter the correct device file here.


The plotted location of the X and Y axes of the game controller's joystick. Enable Show trace to plot the path of the joystick from one point to another.


If the joystick cannot reach every point on this graph, or if it does not center correctly, you need to calibrate your device.


A place to see the pressed state of buttons on your game controller and if the buttons are mapped correctly. When a button is pressed, PRESSED will appear next to the logical number (as the computer sees it) of the button which was pressed.


This displays the numerical values of the axis positions. 0 is centered and the maximum and minimum values depend on the game controller and the particular axis.


Clicking on Calibrate will open a dialog to calibrate every axis on your joysticks.

Calibrating your game controller

Each axis will have to be moved to the minimum position, then the center, and finally the maximum position. A meter in the bottom left corner of the dialog will help determine which way increases and which way decreases the values.