Date & Time

Mike McBride

Revision Plasma
5.12 (2018-03-25)

Date & Time

You can use this module to alter the system date and time, using a convenient graphical interface.


As these settings do not only affect you as a user, but rather the whole system, you must have system administrator (root) access to change the system date and time. If you do not have this access level, this module will only show you the current settings, but your changes will not be saved.

Date and Time

If you check Set date and time automatically this module will use systemd to fetch date and time.

On a computer without systemd the NTP utilities rdate or ntpdate are used. If these utilities are missing please install them.

When you log in to the Plasma™ session while being online or when you later connect to the Internet the access to one or more NTP servers happens.

This is not sufficient, however, for maintaining an accurate clock in the long run. This is useful for occasionally setting the time on machines that do not have full-time network access, such as laptops.

If you do not use a time server, you are able to set the date manually in the calendar.

Use the controls at the bottom of the calendar to select the current date, enter the date in the edit box or select the week of the year from the drop down box.

You set the time using the spin boxes at the bottom of the analog clock. You can also directly enter your value.

Time Zone

To set a new time zone, simply select your area from the list below. Use the filter box to find the desired Area or Region.