The Preview window

The Preview is a small window that floats above or to one side of the puzzle table window. It contains an image of the completed puzzle: the picture that would appear on top of the box if this was a real-world jigsaw puzzle.

The window can be shown or hidden by using the Preview action icon in the toolbar or the ViewPreview menu item. Its size, position and visible or not visible setting are saved and restored between runs of Palapeli.

Being a window, it can be freely moved around the desktop and resized. Its Close button will hide it and its Maximize button will expand or contract the picture rapidly.

The Preview window has a magnification feature, so it need not take up much space. If you move the mouse over the window, it zooms in quickly to reveal a magnified view of the area under the mouse and the equivalent of a few pieces around it. This is very useful for viewing details of the puzzle and identifying pieces you have found, but it can be tricky to control, especially near the edges of the picture.