Inverse Search between LATEX Editors and Okular

Inverse search is a very useful feature when you are writing a LATEX document yourself. If everything is set up properly, you can click into Okular's window with the left mouse button while pressing Shift. After that editor loads the LATEX source file and jumps to the proper paragraph.

Inverse search cannot work unless:

  • The source file has been compiled successfully.

  • Okular knows which editor you would like to use.

  • The Browse tool has to be enabled, which you can select by choosing ToolsBrowse .

With this feature of Okular, a left mouse click while pressing Shift in the DVI or PDF document will result in editor opening the corresponding LATEX document and attempt to go to the corresponding line. Remember to tell Okular to use proper editor, in Okular's menu item SettingsConfigure Okular... (on the page Editor).

For more details on editor configuration please refer to the corresponding section of this manual.

Configuring editor in Okular

Configuring editor in Okular