Choose the editor you want to launch when Okular wants to open a source file. This is the case when the document has references to the various points (usually row and column number) of sources it was generated from. The DVI format supports natively the addition of the information about the sources the LATEX document was generated from. A similar system exists for PDF documents, called pdfsync, which stores these extra information in an external file named after the PDF file itself (for example mydocument.pdfsync for mydocument.pdf).

Okular ships with preconfigured settings for the following editors: Kate, Kile, SciTE, Emacs client, LyX client, TeXstudio, and TeXiFy IDEA.


To use inverse search in Kile, you have to compile your LATEX file with the Modern configuration.


This is the command and its parameters to invoke the selected editor with the source file of the actual document.

This field will be filled automatically if you use one of the preconfigured editors. Otherwise, please choose Custom Text Editor in Editor drop down box and refer to the documentation on your favorite editor to find the proper command.

You can use the following placeholders:

  • %f - the file name

  • %l - the line of the file to be reached

  • %c - the column of the file to be reached

If %f is not specified, then the document name is appended to the specified command.