Advance every

Enables automatic advancing of pages given a time period.

Loop after last page

When navigating on presentation mode and going past the last page the first page will appear.

Touch navigation

Allows you to fine-tune touchscreen navigation with tapping in the presentation using the following three possible values:

  • Tap left/right side to go back/forward: Tapping on the left (right) half of the screen makes the presentation go to the previous (next) slide.

  • Tap anywhere to go forward (default): Tapping on the screen makes the presentation go to the next slide, no matter where the screen is being tapped.

  • Disabled: Screen tapping does not do anything.

Background color

The color that will fill the part of the screen not covered by the page when on presentation mode.

Mouse cursor

Whether the mouse should be always hidden, always shown or hidden after a small time of inactivity.

Show progress indicator

Whether to show a progress circle that shows the current page and the total number of pages on the upper right corner of the presentation screen every time you change the page.

Show summary page

Whether to show a summary page at the beginning of the presentation with the title, author and number of pages of the document.

Enable transitions

Use this check box to enable or disable transition effects between pages.

Default transition

The transition effect between page and page if the document does not specify one. Set this to Random Transition to make Okular randomly choose one of the available effects.


In this section you can select the Screen used to display the presentation.

Current Screen is same screen of the Okular window that starts the presentation mode.

Default Screen is the screen marked as default in the xinerama configuration.

Screen 0, Screen 1 etc. are the available screens.

Drawing Tool Configuration

Manage the colors of the pencil used when drawing on the pages during the presentation mode.