Chapter 1. Introduction

KWordQuiz is a tool that gives you a powerful way to master new vocabularies. It may be a language or any other kind of terminology.

Easy to use

With KWordQuiz you build your own vocabulary documents in a simple and intuitive way. The basic layout is a two-column spreadsheet where you type vocabulary entries in one form that you know and in another form that you want to learn. You change the titles of the columns to reflect what you are practicing.

Practice modes

Before you start a quiz you select how you want to practice. KWordQuiz offers five different modes to make practicing more efficient. The different modes make it possible to have the quiz go through your vocabulary in sequential or random order in one or both directions.

Quiz types

When you have entered your vocabulary and selected a mode, you are ready to start a quiz. Maybe you want to start with a flashcard session. Later you can move on to a multiple choice quiz, or do the powerful question and answer quiz. You get instant feedback on correct and incorrect answers, and you have the option to repeat any errors, further improving your learning efficiency. If you need a little extra help you can use the hint function.

Vocabulary documents

KWordQuiz can open several types of vocabulary data. The default format is .kvtml, a file format shared by several KDE programs. KWordQuiz should also open .wql files created by KWordQuiz for Windows®, .csv files with comma separated text, .voc files created by the old version of Vokabeltrainer, .xdxf files, and .xml.gz files created by the old versions of Pauker.

KWordQuiz can save your vocabulary documents in several different formats. The default is the .kvtml format used by other KDE programs. Another available option is comma separated text .csv.

You can have several files open at the same time, and easily copy or move entries between files.