Chapter 3. Rules and Tips

Mouse Operation

There are two areas in the main window:

  • Playground area.

  • Objects area, where you select objects to place on your playground.


An actual look of the application screen may change depending on a playground selected.

Main Window

Placing an Object

To drag an object, move the mouse pointer to the objects area and click on it. Then move it to the playground area and click again.


Size of the objects may change while dragging. Some of the oversized objects have been scaled down to feet into the objects area.

Moving an Object

Once dropped in the playground area, an object can be moved. Just click on the object to select it, move it to the new place and click again to drop it. When you drop it, it goes on top of other objects that were partially hiding it. This trick is useful for getting the glasses and eyes placed correctly.

Removing an Object

To remove an object that has been dropped in the playground area, drag it back from the playground area to the objects area.