Sharing your results

It is possible to save your courses and keyboard layouts in separate files outside of the local Typewriting Trainer database.


To export a course or keyboard layout in a separate file choose the corresponding item in the list at the left part of Course and Keyboard Layout Editor window and press Export button in the toolbar.

Typewriting Trainer will open a standard KDE save dialog. Description of this dialog in details can be found in the Opening and Saving Files chapter of the KDE Fundamentals.

You can choose the name and the location of the XML file to be saved.

If you find it worth to share your files with over users, please send them with some description to kde-edu mailing list.


Your data should be licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2 to include them into the default Typewriting Trainer installation.

To import your data files into Typewriting Trainer press Import button in the toolbar and choose XML file that was earlier exported using Typewriting Trainer.