Chapter 6. Game Configuration

Table of Contents

Game Options

Game Options

When printing, try to fit more than one puzzle on a page

Toggle the option to print more than one puzzle per page whenever they will fit.

If this option is checked, puzzles will be printed when no more will fit on a page or when KSudoku terminates. Otherwise a puzzle is printed immediately.

Three-dimensional puzzles cannot be printed.

Show Highlights in 2-D puzzles

Toggle the KSudoku highlight option for two-dimensional puzzles.

Show Errors

Toggle the option to highlight errors.

Show Highlights in 3-D puzzles

Toggle the KSudoku highlight option for three-dimensional puzzles.

Mathdoku puzzle size (3-9)

Choose a size for Mathdoku puzzles, from 3 (very easy) to 9 (very hard) with size 6 being the default.

Settings for 3-D Puzzles Only

These five settings adjust the highlighting and visibility of cells in three-dimensional puzzles. The idea is to make it easier to see relationships between cells, especially if they are behind other cells.


Having the highlighting options enabled is recommended even for the most experienced players, as it helps you see the actual game board constraints.