Chapter 3. Configuration

Settings Dialog

Kronometer is customizable in many aspects. You can open the settings dialog clicking on the Configure Kronometer entry in the Settings menu. The settings dialog is organized in the following categories.

General Settings

In the general settings page you can find the settings for the stopwatch and for the laps. Under the stopwatch tab you can set your preferred time format for the stopwatch display. You can choose whether to show hours, minutes or second fractions (while seconds are always shown). Kronometer supports time granularity up to millisecond, although this requires high CPU usage due to the high refresh rate of the User Interface.

Within the laps tab you can enable or disable the laps recording feature. If the laps are enabled, you can choose their time format, whether to show their notes and whether to show their absolute times, which are the stopwatch times when they were recorded.

Font Settings

In the font settings page you can customize the font of the stopwatch display. You can choose different font families, styles and sizes for each timer component (hours, minutes, etc.). By default every timer component will use the same font, according the current default font in the system.

Color Settings

In the color settings page you can customize the default color of the stopwatch display. You can change the background color and the text color. The default colors will respect the currently selected system's theme.

KDE Built-in Settings

Kronometer makes use of the standard KDE configuration tools. You find them in the Settings menu, under the Configure shortcuts and Configure Toolbars entries. They allow you to change the shortcuts of the Kronometer's actions, and to change the position of the toolbar and its content.