Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips

Game Basics

A move consists of outflanking your opponents stone(s), then flipping the outflanked stone(s) to reveal your color. A move is performed by placing the mouse pointer over the desired square then left mouse button click.

To outflank means to place a stone on the board so that your opponent's row(s) of stone(s) is bordered at each end by a stone of your color. A row may be made up of one or more stones.

The game starts with the New game dialog.

KReversi Game Mode Selection

Game Mode Selection

To see a demo of the game select Computer for both players.

Each player automatically has two stones placed in the center four squares of the board in the following pattern:

KReversi opening position

Board Layout

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains several choices of drop-down menus. These are Game, Move, View, Settings and Help. Click with the left mouse button or Alt+the underlined letter to show the drop-down menu.


Provides the player with icon shortcuts for commonly used actions. These are New, Undo, Hint, Show Last Move, and Show Legal Moves. Place the mouse pointer over any of these icons and click with the left mouse button to activate.

Game Board

The game board consists of a 8 by 8 square board divided into 64 squares.

Status Bar

The status bar displays whose turn it is.