Chapter 4. Interface Overview

Table of Contents

Menu Items

Menu Items

GameNew (Ctrl+N)

Starts a new game.

GameShow High Scores (Ctrl+H)

Opens a dialog that displays different high score tables.

GameQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Exit KReversi

MoveUndo (Ctrl+Z)

Removes your last move as well as the computer's last move from the board.

MoveHint (H)

The computer will provide a hint for your next move.

ViewShow Last Move

Highlights your opponent's last move.

ViewShow Legal Moves

Highlights all the moves available for your current move.

ViewShow Move History

Enables/Disables the move history sidebar.

SettingsAnimation SpeedSlow

Set the game animation speed from Slow to Fast.

SettingsUse Colored Chips

Toggle the color of the stones between black and white (default), and red and blue.


Set the difficulty to be Very Easy up to Impossible.

Additionally KReversi has the common KDE Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Settings Menu and Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.