Chapter 2. How to Play


Rearrange the cards by suit in as few moves as possible.

As KPatience offers you a multiplicity of different solitaire games, there is no straightforward how-to which could fit all of them. Therefore, it is essential that you read each individual subsection of Game Rules, Strategies and Tips section before you start playing a version you are not familiar with.

Essentially there are two types of solitaire games – the ones that let you arrange the cards by same color and the ones that let you arrange the cards by alternating color. You can easily determine which game you are trying out using trial-and-error method. Once you know which one you are dealing with the rest is easy; keep arranging and rearranging the cards and collecting the matching ones.

From the beginning, however, pay attention to your card stacks. Do not rush to move individual cards around. See if it might be more useful elsewhere.

For additional help you can also take quick peeks onto the statusbar. Each of the games has a built in solver which informs you whether the game you are currently playing can be completed or not. If you see that solver could not complete the current game, chances are you will not be able to do so as well. At this point you can either restart the current game, or start a completely new game.


Playing solitaire games helps you to greatly improve your attention span and enhance the ability to concentrate.