Chapter 8. Plugins

KOrganizer provides you with the possibility of extending the application with plugins.

The plugins can be configured under the KOrganizer main configuration dialog. Choose Settings Configure KOrganizer and click the Plugins icon on the icon list sidebar of the dialog.

Available Plugins

Date Numbers Plugin for Calendars

This plugin adds the number of the day in the year to the Agenda view. For instance, February 1 is day number 32.

Wikipedia 'This Day in History' Plugin

This plugin provides links to Wikipedia's This Day in History pages.

Wikipedia Picture of the Day Plugin for Calendars

This plugin provides the Wikipedia Picture of the Day.

Jewish Calendar Plugin

This plugin provides Jewish calendar dates in addition to the Gregorian calendar dates. In the configuration dialog of the plugin, you can choose if you want to display Israeli holidays, weekly Parsha, day of Omer and/or Chol HaMoed.