Free Busy information

The free/busy information represents an availability schedule. By presenting the intervals when one already has previous commitments, others can avoid arranging appointments for these periods. Note that only the times are published, not the events, reasons or attendees.

KOrganizer supports publishing and retrieving free/busy information, either manually or automatically.

To email your free/busy information, choose the ScheduleMail Free Busy Information... menu item. Enter the email addresses you want to send the information to in the dialog and press OK.

Groupware servers usually have a standard location for uploading your free busy information, so that other users can access your data, and you can access other user's free busy schedule. You can configure KOrganizer to upload and download free busy information automatically, using the Free Busy preferences, in the KOrganizer Configure dialog.

To upload your free/busy information to the server set in KOrganizer preferences, choose the ScheduleUpload Free Busy Information menu item.