Entering a New Group Event

In this example, you'll enter an event. You need to arrange a meeting on the next Monday regarding launch of your new Product. Your boss Joan Holden will be the event chairwoman owner, and you, Jack Smith, will be the event organizer. There will be two more attendees (participants): Peter Krzinski and Kirsten Friese. Joan gave you the program of the meeting. The appointment will start at 12 noon and end at 1 pm. The same appointment should be scheduled (recurred) each Monday.

  1. Using the Date Navigator, go to the next Monday.

  2. Choose the ActionsNew Event..., or select the area between 12 noon and end at1 pm, and start typing the event summary.

  3. Enter a suitable summary. It's important to choose the right brief description, because it appears in many places. We suggest that you enter Product launch event.

  4. Enter the detailed event program into the largest rectangle area. For the sake of this simple example, enter Introduction, The Plan, Conclusion on three separate lines.

  5. Go to the Reminder tab. Set the reminder time to 15 minutes, just long enough to brew a cup of tea prior to the meeting start.

  6. Go to the General tab. Select Appointment from the Manage Tags dialog.

  7. Go to the Recurrence tab and select the Weekly repeats.


    Most work has been done for you automatically. KOrganizer defaults to recurring weekly. Also note that Ends: never is chosen. This means that this event will be repeated each Monday (starting, of course, on Monday August 30, 2010) until the end of time (that is, until you delete it).

  8. Since everything is all right here, click the Attendees tab.

  9. In the Attendees tab you should do the following:

    1. You will see that you are the organizer of the event.

    2. In the first input field enter the email in the Name <email> format. In our example, enter Joan Holden <jholden@thiscompany.com>.


      If the attendees are already in your KDE address book, instead of typing the names and emails, you can press the Select Attendees... button to add them.

    3. Choose Chair as the role.

    4. In the next input field enter Peter Krzinski <pkrzinski@thiscompany.com>.

    5. In the next input field enter Kirsten Friese <kfriese@thiscompany.com>.

  10. If you have configured KOrganizer to use groupware communication, you will be asked if you want to send an email to the attendees, with details of the event and asking for a response if the Request response box from the Attendees tab is checked. Else, you can send the invitations choosing the ScheduleSend Invitation to Attendees menu item.

  11. Review the event setup by clicking on the tabs. If you are satisfied, click OK.

Congratulations, you've scheduled your first event!