Web Browsing

Krishna Tateneni

Revision Applications 19.12 (2019-11-04)

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Web Browsing

Web Browsing

The Konqueror Browser module of System Settings allows you to select various options for the behavior of Konqueror, the integrated web browser of KDE.

If Ask for name and folder when adding bookmarks is checked, Konqueror will allow you to change the title of the bookmark and choose a folder in which to store it when you add a new bookmark.

Enable Show only marked bookmarks in bookmark toolbar and Konqueror will show only those bookmarks in the bookmark toolbar which you have marked to do so in the bookmark editor.

The next option you can enable on this page is Form Completion. If you check this box, Konqueror will try to remember what you answer to form questions, and will try to fill in forms for you with the answers you previously used.

You can configure the number of form items Konqueror remembers with the spin box labelled Maximum completions


Of course, anything Konqueror fills in a form with, you can still edit before submitting the form!

The next option is Change cursor over links. If this option is selected, the shape of the cursor will change (usually to a hand) whenever it moves over a hyperlink. This makes it easy to identify links, especially when they are in the form of images.

If Middle click opens URL in selection is checked, you can open the URL in the selection by middle clicking on a Konqueror view.

As a convenience feature, if you enable Right click goes back in history, then clicking an empty area (i.e. not a link) in the Konqueror window will act as if you pressed the Back button on the toolbar.

Enabling Allow automatic delayed reloading/redirecting allows websites to send you to another page without your interaction. In many cases, this is a convenience. For example, the website has moved to a new URL. Many webmasters in this situation will put up a page on the old site, telling you that it has moved and you may like to change your bookmark, and then automatically move you along to the new website. However, such features can be confusing, or annoying, when misused, and so you may wish to disable it.

Enable Access Key activation with Ctrl key: Pressing the Ctrl key when viewing web pages activates Access Keys. Unchecking this box will disable this accessibility feature. Konqueror needs to be restarted for this change to take effect.

Send the DNT header to tell web sites you do not want to be tracked. Check this box if you want to inform a web site that you do not want to your web browsing habits tracked.

Offer to save website passwords. Uncheck this box from being prompted to save website passwords

Display online PDF files using WebEngine. Uncheck this box to display online PDF files as configured in the File Associations module of System Settings.