Chapter 2. How to Play


Put the ball into the hole with the least possible hits.

Kolf's game-play is simple. It is the easiest to learn how to play hands-on, and thus a tutorial course is included to guide you through the basics. This chapter will guide you through this tutorial. To start the tutorial, choose the HelpTutorial menu item.

Hitting the Ball

To aim the ball, either line up the mouse behind the ball so the putter aims in the direction you want to hit it or press one of the Left arrow (counterclockwise) or Right arrow (clockwise) keys, to rotate the putter.


To rotate the putter more quickly with the keyboard, hold down Shift while pressing or holding the arrow keys. To rotate more slowly, hold down Ctrl.

To hit the ball, press and hold either the left mouse button or Down arrow key. The longer you hold down the key or button, the more strength the putt will have. It will take practice to get a good feel for speed.


To stop the putt while you are still holding moving the putter back in your stroke, press Esc.

Hit the ball into the hole to move on to the next.