Chapter 2. Using KMouth

The First Time Setup

During the first use of KMouth, a wizard is displayed in which you can configure it.

Text-to-Speech Configuration

With the first page of the wizard you specify the command that shall be used for the text-to-speech conversion. For more details look into the description of the configuration dialog.

Initial Phrase Book

With the second page you select which standard phrase books you need. From the phrase books you can select often used phrases so that you do not need to type them in. Of course KMouth also has an edit dialog for the case that you later want to edit your phrase books.

Word Completion

With the third page you define the dictionary for a word completion. KMouth will parse the KDE documentation of the chosen language in order to detect the regularity of individual words. Optionally you can compare the word list to an dictionary in order to only add correctly spelled words to the word completion.