Backing up KMail

This section describes various backup solutions within KMail.


FolderArchive Folder...

This feature is also available through the context menu launched with a right mouse button, then select Archive Folder.... This will open a dialog that allows you to create a single archive of the currently selected folder.

The Folder: shows the currently selected folder, if you wish to change the folder to be archived click the folder icon. The Format: drop down menu allows you to choose a format (choices are: zip, tar, tar.bz2, and tar.gz). If you would like to change the default name or location, click the folder button to the right of Archive File.

Check the Delete folder and subfolders after completion button if you would like everything you archived deleted from the KMail database after the external archive has been saved. By default all subfolders will be archived. Uncheck Archive all subfolders if you only want to archive the parent folder.

SettingsConfigure Automatic Archiving...

This is a powerful tool that can be used to assist in backing up your email. Please see Automatic Archiving for details.


ToolsImport/Export KMail Data...

This feature exports settings and local mail to a compressed file. Please see pim data exporter for details.