The Send Later Agent Handbook

Laurent Montel

Scarlett Clark

Revision 5.13 (Applications 19.12) (2019-09-21)


Send Later Agent is an akonadi agent which allows you to send scheduled mails once or repeatedly.

Using Send Later Agent

Use MessageSend Later in KMail's composer window to open a dialog which allows you to schedule your emails to send at a specific date and time.

Send Later Agent Dialog

Send Later Agent Dialog

Say you have constructed a brilliant email outlining tasks you wish your employees to complete while you are at the conference, but you will be on an airplane when you wish the email to be sent. Use this feature to send the email at a precise date and time. To schedule the email to send later, first check the Delay box and then select the date and time on the Send at: menu.

If you need to send a weekly reminder email to your employees, you can configure it to repeat sending the message by checking Repeat every checkbox and selecting the desired intervals.

You can put the message in your queued messages by selecting the Send Later button to schedule the message immediately.

This agent works independent from KMail and does not need a running KMail instance or KMail being in online mode to send scheduled emails.

If you have no network connection when a scheduled message should be sent, the agent will report an error and ask if you want to resend it later.

At login to a KDE session the agent checks the scheduled messages and sends all messages overdue since the last logout if necessary.

To change the options for emails you have scheduled to send later, use SettingsConfigure KMail... then select the Plugins page in KMail and press the configuration button against the Send Later Agent item.

Configure Send Later Agent

Configure Send Later Agent

This brings up a dialog that allows you to modify the schedule and remove emails that have been sent using the send later feature.

It is not possible to change the content (body, headers etc.) of a scheduled message.

Credits and License

Send Later Agent

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