Defining Windows

Several areas of the module allow you to define a list of windows. They all use the same interface, which contains the following options:


This is merely an informational text box you can use to explain what the trigger applies to or save other useful information. It is not actually used by the system for anything.

Window List

Beneath the Comment box on the left is the list of all window definitions currently present in the trigger. Simply click on one to perform an operation on it.


Press this button to modify the currently selected window definition. A new window is opened that allows you to edit it. This window contains the following options:

Window Data

This is where you describe the window the trigger should apply to.

At the top, there is a Comment: field, which is informational just like the one in the main Trigger tab.

Three window characteristics are available:

  • Window title: - The title that appears at the top of the window.

  • Window class: - Usually the name of the application.

  • Window role: - Usually the name of the Qt™ class that makes up the window.

Each window characteristic provides a drop-down box, and a text box below it. Enter the value you wish to test windows for in the text box. From the drop-down box, select which kind of test you wish to apply. You can use Is to require an exact match, Contains to require that the text entered be somewhere inside the full value, or Matches Regular Expression to use a regular expression to define the match. You may also perform the inverse of all these operations. Select Is Not Important if you do not wish for that particular characteristic to be examined.

The easiest way to fill in this information is to open the desired window, then click the Autodetect button at the bottom of this section, and finally click on the desired trigger window. All three window characteristics will be populated with the information from that window, and you can then adjust the settings as necessary.

Window Types

This lets you restrict the match to a particular type of window. The following options are available:

  • Normal - A regular application window.

  • Desktop - The main desktop is actually a special window all its own.

  • Dialog - A small window that is part of a normal application, such as a message box or a configuration screen.

  • Dock - A small window that can be attached or detached from a main application window.


Create a new window definition. This opens the edit dialog described above.


This creates a new window definition with the exact same specifications as the currently selected window definition. It will open the edit dialog described above so you may make further changes.


Removes the currently selected window definition.