Chapter 3. Menubar and Toolbars

The Main KHangMan Window

KHangMan Desert theme

Here you have KHangMan with the Desert theme, French language and category Animaux. The special characters for French are shown here.

The game has the main toolbar at the top of the window:

or Start or stop a game
A button to change the theme
Open the settings dialog
About KHangMan
About KDE
View the KHangMan handbook
Download new language files from the Internet
Quit KHangMan

The bottom toolbar is displayed only when playing a game, if you pause the game this toolbar is hidden:

Display a hint about the word to guess
A button to change the category
Language selection
A Reveal Word button for reveal the word to guess
Load the next word and start a new game

All words are nouns. No verbs, no adjectives. The chosen category is then displayed on the bottom toolbar.

Only letters are allowed to be typed in the text box.