Chapter 1. Introduction

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kdesvn is a subversion client by KDE.

You should have some knowledge about subversion itself, but hopefully most items are self explanatory.

You may send bug reports and feature wishes via KDE Bugtracking System.


If you're familiar with revision control systems you may skip that - or read and correct the author ;)


Central store of data. That may be a database or a flat filesystem. Without special clients you're not able to read data in it. For Subversion repositories kdesvn is such a client.

Working copy

A flat copy of a repository on local filesystem. This is used like any normal filemanager, editing files and so forth. RCS-information you can read with clients like kdesvn.

Remember that subversion does not know anything about KIO, so a working copy must reside in an area where it may reached without any specific protocol, e.g. fish:// or such is not possible.


WebDav is a protocol which let you modify files on a remote webserver. Subversion is a special kind of WebDAV when repositories are accessed via webserver. In normal use this is read-only. With special configurations you may get a read-write enabled WebDAV which you may access via specialized browser. kdesvn is NOT a webdav-client, but Konqueror is via the webdav:// protocol. But with kdesvn you may browse through the version tree of a repository (via http://)