XML Validation

Daniel Naber

This plugin checks XML files for validity and being well-formed.

This plugin checks the current file. A list of warnings and errors will appear at the bottom of Kate's main window. You can click on an error message to jump to the corresponding place in the file. If the file has a DOCTYPE the DTD given with this doctype will be used to check the file for validity. The DTD is expected at a position relative to the current file, e.g. if the doctype refers to DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd and the file is /home/peter/test.xml the DTD is expected to be located at /home/peter/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd. However, remote DTDs specified via http are supported.

If the file has no doctype it will be checked for being well-formed.

To learn more about XML check out the official W3C XML pages.

Internally this plugin calls the external command xmllint, which is part of libxml2. If this command is not correctly installed on your system, the plugin will not work.

To load this plugin open Kate's configuration dialog under SettingsConfigure Kate.... Then select XML Validation which will appear in the Application / Plugins section and close the dialog.

Menu Structure

XMLValidate XML

This will start the check, as described above.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

Kate Plugin XML Validation copyright 2002 Daniel Naber .

Documentation copyright 2002 Daniel Naber