Document Preview Plugin


The plugin enables a live preview of the currently edited text document in the final format in the sidebar. So when editing e.g. a Markdown text or an SVG image, the result is instantly visible next to the source text.

For the display the plugin uses that KParts plugin which is currently selected as the preferred one for the MIME type of the document. If there is no KParts plugin for that type, no preview is possible.

To change the preferred plugin open the File Associations module in the System Settings and edit the Services Preference Order on the Embedding tab.

Table 4.1. Some available KParts plugins

MIME typeKParts plugin
Markdown textKMarkdownWebViewPart or OkularPart
SVG imageSVGPart
Qt™ UI filesKUIViewerPart
DOT graph filesKGraphviewerPart

Menu Structure

ViewTool ViewsShow Preview

Toggle the display of Kate's Document preview in a sidebar.


The buttons at the top of the preview window provide these actions:

  • Lock the preview to a given document. Selecting this option ensures that if switching the focus to the view of another document in the same Kate window, the preview will not follow to that document, but keep previewing this document.

  • Enable or disable updates of the preview of the current document content

  • Manually update the preview of the current document content

  • A dropdown menu with actions from the KParts plugin