Getting Help

With Kate

This manual

Offers detailed documentation on all menu commands, configuration options, tools, dialogs, plugins etc. as well as descriptions of the Kate window, the editor and various concepts used in the application.

Press F1 or use the HelpKate Handbook menu topic to view this manual.

What's This Help

What's This help offers immediate help with single elements of graphical windows, such as buttons or other window areas.

We strive to provide What's This help for any elements for which it makes sense. It is available throughout the configuration dialog, and in many other dialogs as well.

To employ What's This help, press Shift+F1 or use the HelpWhat's This menu item to enable What's This mode. The cursor will turn into an arrow with a question mark, and you can now click any element in the window to read the What's This help for that element, if it is available.

Help Buttons in Dialogs

Some dialogs have a Help Button. Pressing it will start the KHelpCenter and open the relevant documentation.

With Your Text Files

Kate does not (yet!) provide any means for reading document related documentation. Depending on the file you are editing, you may find the Built in Terminal Emulator helpful for viewing related UNIX® manual pages or info documentation, or you can use Konqueror.

Articles on Kate

Kate's homepage provides some Articles and Howtos with further information beyond the scope of this handbook.