JuK Playlists

A playlist is simply a collection of songs grouped by some category. For example, you may have a playlist of songs that you listen to while coding, while trying to sleep, or even when you need a laugh. JuK supports several different types of playlists.

Normal playlists

This is the most common kind of playlist. It is a playlist composed of files, just like the Collection List.

The history playlist

If you enable this playlist (by enabling ViewShow History, this playlist will record every song that JuK plays. The playlist will have an extra column, Time, which records the exact time and date the song played. The playlist doesn't start tracking the history until it is enabled, however.

Search playlists

This is a playlist which is based off of a search. You can create a playlist like this by clicking FileNewSearch Playlist, or by clicking on the Search Playlist button on the toolbar.

After creating this playlist, it will keep track of which songs in the Collection List match your criteria, and automatically update itself accordingly whenever the Collection List changes.

Playlists are organized in the Playlist pane, which is the vertical bar at the left. In this pane is an icon for every playlist you have. There are different view mode for this pane, which can be selected from the ViewView Modes menu.

Default View mode

This is the default view mode. In this mode, all the playlists are shown as large icons, one above the other in the view mode.

Compact View mode

This mode is similar to the Normal Viewmode, with the exception that the playlists are represented with horizontal bars with small icons instead of with square boxes.

Tree View mode

This mode is the most powerful. This mode is just like the Compact viewmode, except that the Collection List is now the root of a tree of virtual playlists. The Collection List has three children nodes, Artist, Album, and Genre. Each of these node has children representing all of the entries from that specific category. For example, if your Collection List contains music from 4 different artists, you would have 4 entries under the artist node.

One nifty feature of the tree view mode is something called drag-and-drop retagging. Simply select some files in the track list, and drag them onto one of the artist, album, or genre nodes under Collection List. The songs will automatically be retagged to match the item you dropped the tracks on. For example, if you drag a group of tracks onto a Genre called "Rock", all of the tracks will be retagged will a Genre tag of Rock.