Chapter 3. Using Ark in the Filemanager

Clicking with the right mouse button on an archive in a filemanager like Dolphin displays a context menu with an item Open with Ark. The menu has these additional items to extract an archive using Ark:

  • Extract Archive Here, Autodetect Subfolder creates a subfolder in the folder with the archive and extracts the folders and files into it.

  • Extract Archive To... opens the Extract dialog where you can choose destination folder and various extraction options.

  • Extract Archive Here extracts the content of the archive into the same folder.

Dolphin's context menu for a selection of files and/or folders displays these actions in the Compress submenu:

  • Here (as TAR.GZ) or Here (as ZIP) creates these archive types in the current folder.

  • Compress to... opens a dialog where you can select folder, name and archive type.