Reading Mail with Trojitá

Trojitá presents a three paned interface that should be anyone who has ever used email before. On the left side is a list of all your email folders, probably INBOX and some others. On the right side are two panes: the top pane shows the list of all messages in the current folder, and the bottom pane shows the message selected in the top pane. Microsoft® Outlook, KMail and many other email clients all use this same layout.

Other layouts are available, however. Under the View menu, simply select LayoutWide to choose instead a three pane layout suitable for larger, wider screens, where your folders are shown in the left column, the messages of the selected folder in the center column, and the contents of the selected message in the right column.

When you select a message, it will be displayed below. Right click on the selected message in the top pane if you'd like to delete the message, save it to disk as a text file, or view all the headers.

To respond to, or forward a message, use the buttons on the toolbar, as no keystroke shortcuts are currently defined. Choose Private Reply to respond only to the sender. Choose Reply to All if you'd like to reply to the sender and everyone else on the To: or CC: lines. If the message arrived through a properly-configured mailing list, the Reply to Mailing List option will also be made available.


At present, the "Forward message" function has not yet been included.