Minuet Exercises and Workflow

Minuet's user interface entails three major components:

Minuet's UI components
Navigation Menu

Allows for navigating in Minuet's exercise categories and selecting a particular exercise. The Navigation Menu is dynamically created based upon exercises specification files as described in Creating Exercises. Minuet's exercises are grouped according to classes such as intervals, scales, and chords.

Keyboard View

Exhibits MIDI note on events being sequenced by a MIDI file or by an exercise execution.

Exercise View

Presents, for a given exercise, buttons for controlling exercise presentation and a set of exercise's possible answers. An exercise run begins by clicking the Start Quest button. A randomly selected interval/chord/scale is played by Minuet and then the student is expected to pick up an answer among the ones shown in the answer's grid. Minuet always present - as a white small circle in Keyboard View - the first note of selected interval/scale or the root note of selected chord. By hovering a possible answer, Minuet highlights its corresponding visual representation in Keyboard View. The remaining notes of the hovered answer are presented as small circles whose colors are the same of hovered answer's button. The student can hear the exercise again by clicking the Play Question button, click the chosen answer button, or get the right answer by clicking the Give Up button. A new run of the same exercise can be started by pressing Stop Quest button and pressing again the New Question button.