Chapter 1. Introduction

Marble logo

Welcome to Marble, a small interactive globe and geographical atlas that puts the world at your fingertips. Just like a real atlas or a conventional globe Marble allows you to freely move across its map and lookup places. Furthermore Marble allows you to zoom in and have many different views on the surface for the Earth or the Moon (with his view). In its default configuration Marble offers 15 different views: Atlas, OpenStreetMap, Satellite View, Earth at Night, Behaim Globe 1492, Sentinel2 Satellite Map, Historical Map 1689, Political Map, Plain Map, Precipitation (December), Precipitation (July), Temperature (December), Temperature (July), Vector OSM and Moon.

Marble comes with a small database of more than 12,000 locations (cities, mountains, volcanoes) which can be searched for and which are integrated with Wikipedia. Additionally you can measure distances using Marble between multiple measure points which can be set freely.

Marble is free software and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.