Datapicker Curve

Datapicker-Curve can be created inside datapicker via New Curve in the context menu of datapicker. A curve can have different types of X and Y errors (No-error, symmetric, asymmetric). This depends on the type of errors dock widget of datapicker have at the point of creation.

Every curve object contains all the curve points (hidden) and a spreadsheet that contains logical positions of all its curve points, and provides options to update spreadsheet and to toggle visibility of its curve points using the context menu. Mode Set Curve Points in the context menu of datapicker should be selected in order to create curve points.

Multiple curve can be created for same datapicker. The created curve points always correspond to the active curve of datapicker which can be changed via Active Curve option in the context menu and dock widget of datapicker. Every curve of datapicker can have its own symbol style that can be changed in the Symbols section of dock widget.