Tracking the learning progress

After completing a lesson, you will not return immediately to the home screen. Instead a special summary and statistics screen is shown.

Speed and accuracy statistics

Score screen progress page

Filter per lesson

With the help of the speed and accuracy statistics page you can review your learning progress and identify your weaknesses.

The statistics data can be filtered by lesson using drop down box next to the Over label. This feature can be useful to control you progress in the current lesson and compare this progress with the progress in other lessons.

Statistics range drop down menu

Additional data about the session can be viewed in overlays. If you hover the mouse cursor on a point on the graph Typewriting Trainer will show the statistics of the corresponding session.

Progress per lesson

Errors statistics

The score screen can be switched to show errors rate for each key using drop down menu next to the Show label.

Switching the statistics mode

In this mode, Typewriting Trainer shows a bar diagram of errors for each key in the last training session.

Errors chart by the keys

You can switch back to the lessons graph using the same drop down menu next to the Show label.

If you have passed the lesson you may choose to start training on the next lesson right away by pressing Next lesson in the toolbar. Otherwise you can repeat the current lesson with Repeat lesson or return to the home screen with the remaining button.