PIC Settings

When you create a new FlowCode document, you'll notice a picture of the PIC you're using in the top-left corner of the work area. This represents the initial settings of the PIC.

Each pin shown on the picture of the PIC shows the initial type of pin (input or output), and its initial state (high or low). You can change these by dragging the pin to set the type, and clicking on it to toggle its state.

The Settings dialog, invoked by clicking on the Settings button, also allows you to edit the initial pin types and states - in this case, by editing the binary values written to the PORT and TRIS registers. As well as pin settings though, the dialog allows editing of the initial values of variables in the PIC program.

At the bottom, there is a list of currently defined pin maps, as well as buttons to manipulate them. Pin maps are used to specify how a seven segment or a keypad is connected to a PIC. To use the Seven Segment or the Keypad FlowCode parts, you will need to define a pin map here first.