Chapter 12. Credits and License


Program copyright 2000-2003 Shie Erlich and Rafi Yanai, 2004-2022 Krusader Krew

Krusader is developed by a dedicated team of individuals, known as the Krusader Krew.

  • Shie Erlich, author (retired)

  • Rafi Yanai, author (retired)

  • Dirk Eschler, webmaster (retired)

  • Csaba Karai, developer (retired)

  • Heiner Eichmann, developer (retired)

  • Jonas Bähr, developer (retired)

  • Václav Jůza, developer (retired)

  • Jan Lepper, developer (retired)

  • Andrey Matveyakin, developer (retired)

  • Alexander Bikadorov, developer (retired)

  • Martin Kostolný, developer (retired)

  • Davide Gianforte, developer

  • Toni Asensi Esteve, developer

  • Nikita Melnichenko, developer

  • Frank Schoolmeesters, Documentation & Marketing coordinator (retired)

  • Richard Holt, Documentation & Proofing (retired)

  • Yuri Chornoivan, Documentation

  • Matej Urbančič, Marketing & Product Research (retired)

We would especially like to thank Dirk Eschler the Krusader web master. If you visit the Krusader website you will appreciate the hard work and effort that Dirk has put into the site as much as we do.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Krusader. Sorry we can not mention all of you in this handbook.


For a more complete list of Krusader contributors please take a look at the CREDITS and Changelog file online or in the Krusader sources.

Special thanks to:

Documentation Copyright 2000-2003 Shie Erlich and Rafi Yanai.

Documentation Copyright 2004-2011 Frank Schoolmeesters.

Documentation Copyright 2004-2022 Krusader Krew.

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Copyright 2004-2022 Krusader Krew .

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.