Merging Differences

Kompare makes the task of applying and unapplying differences as simple as point and click. Multiple apply and unapply operations can be performed on a difference as all operations are performed in memory and not written to the files on disk until the save operation is performed.

Applying a Difference

To apply a difference, click the highlighted difference region, then select DifferenceApply Difference (Space).

Unapplying a Difference

To unapply a difference, click the highlighted difference region previously applied, then select DifferenceUnapply Difference (Backspace).

Applying All Differences

After reviewing differences between files and finding all acceptable it is possible apply them all with a single operation by selecting DifferenceApply All (Ctrl+A).

Unapplying All Differences

To revert all differences that have been applied previously select DifferenceUnapply All (Ctrl+U).

Saving Changes

Once differences have been applied they can be saved by selecting FileSave or FileSave All.

Applied differences are saved to both the source and destination file.