Commandline Options


This will compare URL1 with URL2.

kompare -o

This will open URL1 and expect it to be diff output. URL1 can also be a '-' and then it will read from standard input. Can be used for instance for cvs diff | kompare -o -. Kompare will do a check to see if it can find the original file(s) and then blend the original file(s) into the diffoutput and show that in the viewer. -n disables the check.

kompare -b

This will blend URL2 into URL1, URL2 is expected to be diff output and URL1 the file or folder that the diffoutput needs to be blended into.

kompare -n

Disables the check for automatically finding the original file(s) when using '-' as URL with the -o option.

kompare -e encoding

Use this to specify the encoding when calling it from the command line. It will default to the local encoding if not specified.