Working With Reports

There are a number of actions you can take on each report. You can access these by right-clicking the report name in the list of reports. Alternately, once you have run a report, there are buttons across the top of the view to invoke each of these:

  • Chart: Only present if the report is capable of displaying a chart. Clicking this option toggles between the report and the chart.

  • Configure: Change the properties of this report. You can customize the report to your liking and save it for future use.

  • New: Create a new customized report based on the selected report.

  • Copy: The report output can be copied to the clipboard to paste them in another application, like a spreadsheet, for further analysis.

  • Export: Reports can be saved in HTML or CSV format.

  • Delete: Customized reports can be deleted. The default reports that ship with KMyMoney cannot be deleted.

  • Close: Close the current report.