Graphs & Charts

Viewing as a Chart

Each report can be viewed in either textual form or graphical (chart) form. The same report configuration parameters are used in either case. You can easily jump back and forth between the textual and graphical forms by pressing the Chart or Report buttons along the top of the report view.

Care should be taken to limit the amount of data you choose to display on a chart. If you are not careful, using the same configuration for both textual and graphical forms means it's possible to configure a chart to be visually cluttered, unappealing, and uninformative. KMyMoney will not force you to keep your charts readable and useful!

Available Chart Types

Line Graph

A line graph is one of the most simple forms of a chart. There is one line for each series. (Usually a series is a single account or category; see below for more details on that.) The time periods stretch out along the bottom axis, and the currency values are along the left.

The detail level for each line is controlled in the Rows/Columns Tab of chart configuration. If you choose the Top-Level detail level, there will be one line for each of the top-most accounts or categories which show the sum total of all underlying accounts or categories. If you choose Groups it will instead show one line each for Income, Expenses, Assets, or Liabilities, depending on the other settings.

Bar Graph

The bar graph works exactly the same as the line graph, except there is one bar for each series in each time slice.

Pie Chart

The pie chart is the most simple chart available. It shows only one time slice, as opposed to showing the values across time. This chart shows only the totals column of whatever report is selected. If your report is configured to NOT convert values to the base currency, there will be no totals column, and therefore this report is not useful.

Ring Chart

The ring chart is very similar to a pie chart, except there is one ring for each time slice in the report.